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A Preview of The Dark SIde

Posted by shaniqua.norville on July 4, 2014 at 9:50 PM

Here is my favorite poem from the entire collection. It was really hard to choice which was mmy favorite because i truly love all of them. This has to be my favorite poem because its more optimistic then the rest of the poems. All of the poems tend to be dark and filled with sadnes, hurt and anger. I love this poem because of the message behind it. It says that it is okay to feel pain and lost and hatred, because in the end if and when you stand on your own you will be ok. 

Cast Me Away

Throw Me like I'm Nothing

Walk on me like the ground beneath your feet

Look past me towards the wall

Ignore me, live your life without me

And I'll do the same

You can cast me away

But I will still be here

Just not in your world anymore

I will hold my head up high

I will walk with renown strength

Because I don't have the weight of you on my shoulders

Gone is the big boulder

I am more

I am free

I will soar

Maybe forever without thee

If you like this poem then go and buy the collection in blurb.com. Just search: sashalious

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